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The Team

Board Registrations

The Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners  (ASCHP. ID 984) is a SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) recognized professional body with listed designations on the National Qualifications Framework (Act 67 of 2008). The CJ Counselling Team consists of ASCHP Registered and Candidate Counsellors.

Counselling environment

All Counselling is provided in a warm, safe and non-judgemental environment. No matter your: religion, culture, gender, sexuality, race or ideology, all are welcome in the counselling space of CJ Counselling.

Ethics and Scope of Practice

All of the Counsellors and Candidate Counsellors adhere to the ethics, scope of practices and regulations of the ASCHP. Our Clients’ confidentiality and privacy is paramount and fiercely guarded. The only exception to this is in cases where a client poses a clear danger to themselves or others.

Cheryl Johnston

Cheryl Johnston

ASCHP Registration Number: SWC18/307

Designation: Specialist Wellness Counsellor

With a Master of Science in Psychology (Walden University – USA) and a Specialist Wellness Counsellor registration she focuses on the complete wellbeing of her clients. Utilizing a systems approach to Counselling, Cheryl  considers: genetic, biological, psychological, social and spiritual elements when consulting with clients, to ensure that well-being is achieved through integration of all aspects of self. The Counselling provided is that of primary health care.

Cheryl believes that not only is it important to provide counselling, but it is also important to provide clients with tools that will assist them in the future, thus empowering them so that they are able to manage their well-being with confidence.

Specialist Wellness Counsellors are required to refer clients to medical and psychological professionals if they identify needs that require specialized intervention such as: mood, personality and anxiety disorders or health related problems that require medical attention.

With years of Independent Research collaboration, published articles and peer reviews Cheryl remains up to date with cutting edge approaches to treatments, techniques, therapies and approaches to well–being. Bringing this knowledge and her qualifications to bear, she takes an eclectic approach with clients, ensuring that techniques are used that will work for them. This is a very important part of her case formulation, as each and every individual is unique and precious.

As a registered Supervisor with the ASCHP Board Cheryl provides internships for those who wish to go into private practice, as part of her commitment to the Counselling community.

Cecilia Engelbrecht

ASCHP Registration Number: WC23/1659

Designation: Wellness Counsellor

Cecilia is a qualified teacher (Bachelor of Education Senior and Further Education and Training Phases) and she has been teaching for 12 years.  In her career, Cecilia has seen children struggle and fall through the educational system, whether it is emotional struggles or disorders such as ADHD or Autism, whether diagnosed or not.

Cecilia has also seen the frustration and struggles parents and adults experience when a loved one has a mental disorder,  ADHD or Autism.

This inspired Cecilia to complete her Honors in Counselling psychology and to register as a Wellness Counselor.

Cecilia has been assisting children and parents who have ADHD, as well as the people around them, to understand and manage ADHD.

Knowledge is power.

Cornelis Johannes Nel

ASCHP Registration Number: WC23/1659

Designation: Wellness Counsellor

Corne is currently in his honours year of the BPSYCH degree. He endeavours to assist individuals in bettering their mental health and tackling the obstacles they have in life through the use of Counselling Skills. This is accomplished through a person-centred approach that takes into consideration well researched and proven techniques and approaches.

Corne strongly believes that prejudice does not belong within the counselling field and aims to ensure an all-inclusive environment. To this aim you will never be seen as a patient and always as a client. He recognises that every person is unique and has the right to ensure that the service caters to their specific personalities and needs.

Corne believes that not only is it important to provide counselling, but it is also important to provide clients with tools that will assist them in the future, thus empowering them so that they are able to manage their well-being with confidence.

Palesa Khunou

ASCHP Registration Number: WCW/281

Designation: Candidate Counsellor

Palesa completed her Bachelor of Social Science degree, majoring in Psychology and Sociology, at the University of the Free State, and she recently graduated at the University of South Africa and completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology. Palesa is a highly motivated and dedicated person with strong interpersonal skills.

Palesa’s educational aspirations consist of acquiring her master’s in Clinical Psychology. Her long-term goal is to provide affordable mental health care to marginalized communities in South Africa; as well as positively making an impact in people’s lives, while raising mental health awareness. Furthermore, one of Palesa’s educational aspirations is to establish an organization where she can provide internships for undergraduate students pursuing a career in psychology. She is willing and dedicated to work extremely hard to attain her goals and educational pursuits.

Emely Khunou

ASCHP Registration Number: WCW/290

Designation: Candidate Counsellor

Emely currently works in the broadband industry which brings internet connectivity to people, focusing on marginalized communities.

She has a passion for creating environments that are harmonious, warm and provide a sense of belonging. Based on that she recently acquired a BA (Health Science and Social Services) specializing in Psychology. Learning social science and psychology helped Emely to understand the socio-economic and political environment that we live in, this has prepared her to provide support to individuals, communities and the work place.

Emely’s education background is vast and diverse. It includes B.Com Accounting, B.Com Honours in Marketing from UNISA, Masters in Business Re-engineering from the University of Warwick in the UK. She has also upskilled herself by doing the following programs during her career:

  • Advanced Management Program – WITS Business School,
  • Certificate courses in Customer Service – UNISA,
  • Certificate Courses:  Exports and Trade, Tourism Management – UCT,
  • Chartered Marketer – MFSA